The advantages of working with Rüdiger Müller - Understanding hospital purchasing

Understanding hospital purchasing means not only knowing the internal decision-makers within a hospital, but taking their interests and problems into account. If you succeed in doing this, you can adapt your sales activities optimally to the needs of your target groups.

Workshop for analysing your sales, business relationships and structures

In a workshop, we discuss who is sitting on the other side of the desk. How does hospital purchasing work? Who is involved in purchasing decisions in hospitals, care facilities and health care centres? What concerns, processes and problems do these individuals experience in their everyday work with regard to the products and services offered? What do you value most? And what does all of this have to do with what you offer?

We look at your portfolio and your previous experience with hospital purchasing. We look at your successes and challenges and analyse areas for improvement.

We question the arguments used to justify a rejection and work out strategies to counter and refute them, preferably in advance.

It goes without saying that we not only highlight the clinic’s internal target groups and stakeholders, but also look at the role of purchasing groups.

“I’ll open the door for you. You have to and are allowed to go through it yourself.”

“I’ll open the door for you. You have to and are allowed to go through it yourself.”


Recognising and using potential for optimisation

Opportunities for Optimisation are identified through the workshop’s findings. If desired, I can support you in developing an individual package of measures and in overseeing their implementation. I’ll be your sparring partner, catalyst for change and moderator for all questions pertaining to cooperation with hospital purchasing departments.

Management consulting in the health care sector