I work with SUPPLIERS to help them understand hospital purchasing processes and align their sales work with the needs of the customer, thus establishing lasting, successful customer relationships. To achieve this, I coach and mentor sales teams from manufacturers and hospital service providers through the provision of seminars and workshops.
On the CLINICAL SIDE , I support hospitals, nursing homes and health care centres and help them to optimise their material costs, product ranges and processes. I support them in internal negotiations with medical and care staff and in external negotiations with suppliers and purchasing groups. My many years of experience help clients achieve lasting success, fast.

My name is Rüdiger Müller. I am an expert with significant experience in all matters relating to hospital purchasing. I use and pass on this knowledge with the aim of improving the relationship between hospital purchasing and hospital sales in the long term and for the benefit of both parties.

Sometimes it is possible to optimise on prices; other times, prices are already at a level that offers little room for adjustment. There is often great room for optimisation in structures and processes on both the hospital and the industry side.

I see myself as:

for long-term, quality cooperation between all parties at both the internal and external level.

Rüdiger Müller - your expert for Hospital Sales and Hospital Purchasing

I spent many years overseeing purchasing for a hospital group and eight years as chairman of hospital purchasing association Femak e. V. This gave me space to think outside the box and afforded me insights into the processes of various hospital and suppliers. As an independent management consultant, I have been supporting my clients in improving their hospital purchasing practices since 2012.

Rüdiger Müller: Hospital expert with many years experience

I spent ten years working in management and purchasing for the MEDINOS hospitals in the Sonneberg district, MEDINOS Service GmbH and regioMed-Kliniken GmbH Sonneberg. I served as strategic head of central purchasing for the holding company, purchasing manager for one of the affiliated companies and as managing director.

Alongside this, I volunteered for the buyers’ association Femak e.V. , where I spent eight years as federal chairman.

To qualify for these positions, I obtained a diploma in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Social Affairs, as well as an additional qualification in Logistics Management.

Those who understand others, do better business

Through my many years of work as a board member of the professional association Femak e.V., I came to understand the perspectives of a wide range of hospital buyers – but that’s not all. Femak e.V. also works closely with industry. As such, I am highly familiar with both perspectives and with their challenges and needs. I use this knowledge to facilitate successful long-term cooperation.

More about Rüdiger Müller

You can also find me online: I write regularly for the online magazine Klinikeinkauf. Please free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I look forward to sharing ideas with you.


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