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Prices are just one factor to consider when addressing cost pressure in hospital purchasing. Product range, the number of items, as well as processes, can also be tweaked to increase efficiency and to reduce costs. What’s the current state of your hospital purchasing? Where do you see potential? How could you optimise your hospital purchasing?

I am available for consultation on your material costs, product range and processes. I can also step in as an interim manager to support you with:

Analysis of hospital purchasing: product range, material costs and processes

Keeping your specific needs in mind, I analyse your hospital purchasing according to the following steps. First, in a kick-off discussion, we determine your needs and sticking points. We analyse costs, terms, processes and decision-making structures. Based on these results, I work together with you and your team to develop possible solutions and practical implementation approaches. The content of the analysis will always be tailored to your needs and wishes. The aim might be, for example, to optimise the number and structure of suppliers. We’ll work together to analyse purchasing groups, issue a new call for tenders or check product life cycles for possible optimisation potential. We’ll put processes and interfaces to the test and, where necessary, improve them. Finally, we’ll use the resulting findings to define standards for the future and measures to help you achieve them.

“My aim is to prepare the purchasing department for a strategic approach and sustained success.”

“My aim is to prepare the purchasing department for a strategic approach and sustained success.”


Recognising and using potentials for optimisation

Depending on your particular wants and needs, I can oversee the implementation of new measures in your organisation, support you in preparing a call for tender or train relevant parties.

I can facilitate sustained improvements in your structure and process organisation as part of a long-term cooperation arrangement.

The aim is for you to achieve an optimal, sustainable price structure and to find suppliers who can provide the right products with the right specification in an efficient and effective manner.

Management consulting in the health care sector

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